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School of Skills

Our primary focus is to equip learners with the necessary skills, knowledge and values to enter the technical/occupational field of work. Our current skills curriculum provides training in Welding, Bricklaying and Plastering, Maintenance, Catering and Hairdressing. The primary objective of our school is to provide learners with opportunities to develop to their full potential and to eventually become independent citizens. An essential part of our program is to expose learners, from their third year, to real life employment by placing them in the workplace for at least one week per year. The school accommodates learners in an area stretching over the greater part of the Klein- as well as the Central Karoo Region. Approximately a third of our learners are accommodated in our hostel.


Our mission at Oudtshoorn School of Skills is:

  • To strengthen learners emotionally & spiritually.
  • To teach learners strong values & norms.
  • To empower learners with knowledge & skills.


Our vision at Oudtshoorn School of Skills is to empower learners with the technical and academic skills that will enable them to take their rightful place in society.



Oudtshoorn School of Skills is a value-driven school, with our character and discipline built upon these values. Our core values are: Respect, Honesty, Pride, Caring and Diligence.

  • We are diligent
  • We are respectful
  • We care
  • We are honest
  • We are proud
Skills Subjects


  • Bricklaying
  • Hospitality Studies
  • Hairdressing
  • Woodworking & Timber
  • Welding
  • Maintenance


1st Year:

Afrikaans Home Language, English First Additional Language, Mathematics, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Personal & Social Well-being (PSW), Creative Arts, Sport

2nd-4th Year:

English First Additional Language, Afrikaans Home Language, Mathematics, Natural Science, Creative Arts, Personal & Social Well-being (PSW) and Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

At the end of their four year at our school, the learners obtain an Accredited Certificate from the WCED, displaying the skills that they have mastered.



  • Music
  • Drama
  • Dance
Oudtshoorn School of Skills


We recognise the important role that sports and culture play in the overall development of our learners and therefore provide an array of sports and cultural activities. Our school also has excellent sports facilities and dedicated coaches.


• Athletics • Rugby • Soccer • Netball • Tug of war • Cricket •




Functions Venue

House Cora


We can accommodate up to 100 people in our hostel. We provide learners with 3 nutritionally balanced meals per day as well as fruit and sandwiches for healthy snacks between meals.

Supervisors see to the needs of our learners.

During leisure time, learners can swim, play pool and table tennis or watch television.

What our Teachers have to say

We Inspire

“The Oudtshoorn School of Skills help learners to cross a bridge to a brighter future.”

Mrs L Badenhorst (Deputy Principal)

“Learners benefit from smaller classes and thus receive individual attention.”

Mrs A Schoeman (HOD Academic Department)

“Many of the learners have experienced only failure in their previous school careers. Here they learn to do things with their hands. They experience success and the bloom!”

Mr J Scheepers (HOD Skills Department)

“In this school we develop caring learners into responsible and hardworking adult.”

Me D Dickason (School Psychologist)

“Learners have the opportunity to receive training in a fully equipped skills workshops and academic classrooms are equipped with the latest technology”

Mr J Botes

“This school give learners the opportunity to make a new start in their school career and study learning areas in which they take interest. They also get the opportunity to serve God and to learn more from the Word of the Lord.”

Mrs L Swart

“This school give learners the opportunity to prepare themselves for the world of work. To be able to walk into a work place with basic skills.”

Mr J Botes

“Due to the good relationship of the school with the business community of Oudtshoorn, learners get the opportunity to go out and get experience in the work place on two occasions during their course. These job shadowing placements often lead to job opportunities for the learners.”

Mrs B Du Plessis

“It is a very good thing to teach these learners skills in Hospitality and Catering, as many of them obtain jobs in the Hospitality Sector in the Klein Karoo.”

Mrs H Vermeulen

“Learners are skilled in computer studies in well equipped labs, and learners with learning difficulties are also helped through computer programmes to improve their skills.”

Me Z Julies

“This school allow learners to excel in various sports codes, or for the less talented, to be able to partake and to experience the value of being part of a team.”

Mrs J Jordan

“In this school learners are trained to develop their cultural talents in singing, dancing and acting. They get opportunities to stage their performances to appreciative audiences.”

Mrs C Dreyer

“Our school serve a richly diverse area, with many different ethnic groups. Thus learners are taught to respect and to interact with one another.”

Mr H Calitz

“We are a very proud school at the heart of our local neighbourhood, and we provide a haven in which our learners feel safe, valued and happy.”

Mrs Z Herholdt

“Every child at Oudtshoorn School of Skills is special The staff do their utmost to ensure that each learner is given every opportunity to learn and to succeed and that every student leave the school equipped with the skills and attributes necessary to meet the challenges of the word of today.”

Mr N Breytenbach

“Learners leave Oudtshoorn School of Skills having been enriched by our diversity as responsible adult citizens, ready to meet the demands of a modern South Africa.”

Mr D Lewis

“The Oudtshoorn School of Skills take great care in involving the parents of the school, as well as other members of the community. Various opportunities are created for parents to meet the staff, and the door of the principal is always open for parents to raise their fears and uncertainties.”

Mr A Stuurman

“Positive discipline is supported by means of a value driven approach. Awards for obtaining these values help in capturing these Principles.”

Mr E Loff